Model of settlement of Kashmir

Below is the detailed proposal as we have to break the status quo in favour of #Kashmiris and not against #Kashmiris which happened on 5th August 2019

Breaking the status quo in favour of Kashmiris

India has broken the status quo which was there from 1947 on 5 th August 2019 when they took away the 370 and 35 A articles of their own constitution which were giving a nominal autonomy which had been diluted already except that Kashmiris still enjoyed a guarantee on ownership of land and domicile reservation for Kashmiris which now is removed completely by change in laws which has given rise to the fear and certainly a possibility of demographic change which is a fact of life in Palestine and will become a fact in Kashmir soon .

So how to change all this in favour of Kashmiris .

I suggest the following :

Being a person who has been connected with the economy of Indian administered Kashmir I had advocated from the day, I became President Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 2006 that the Indian Govt declare our side of Kashmir as a Free economic zone which converted into a demand for declaration for whole of Jammu & Kashmir as a FREE ECONOMIC ZONE when I became the President of the Joint Chamber of both sides of Kashmir ( JKJCCI) in which besides the kashmir chamber we had the jammu chamber as well as AJK chamber and I take the opportunity of this platform to advocate to the Govt of Pakistan to declare WHOLE OF AJK a FREE ECONOMIC ZONE and not specific areas as Special Economic Zone as presently done . With its natural connection with CPEC it will make a difference to the whole AJK and at the same time give hope of thinking out of box as the solution to KASHMIR by advocating the declaration of whole of J&K as a FREE ECONOMIC ZONE which will help the cause internationally as well and break the status quo . The Pakistan Govt through its friends and countries like Saudia Arabia, UAE and USA who have good relations with India can push india for declaring their side also with the same status .This model of mine is now further relevant by the action of the Chinese govt to safeguard the CPEC as everybody believes the recent incursions in Ladakh point to and the region as well as the world can not afford the risk of nuclear war not only between India and Pakistan but now between China and India . This will be a win win situation for everyone particularly to the 65.46% of human population living in China (31.35%,1.42 billion ) , India (29.72% 1.35 billion ) Pakistan (4.39% .20 billion ) .
I have written papers on it on my blog Kashmir “ THE ULTIMATE OASIS” as long back as 2015 and once CPEC became operative wrote a document on the same impact of CPEC explain the above concept CPEC .


One thought on “Model of settlement of Kashmir

  1. Thaw or Status Quo on this issue should be removed under international court of justice. All disputes can be handled amicably through serious discussion, and all parties must be heard and given a fair chance. The parties are as everybody knows, 1.India 2.pakistan 3.china 4. POK 5.people of IOK including minorities e. g Pandits , gujjars and other tribals etc. As far as demography is concerned, the present scenario as at status quo should be registered in UNO for future deliberations. Any one sided change should be considered Contempt and one loses points on merit. We appreciate efforts of sensible people like Dr. Mubeen Shah. No human miseries should linger on so long. Love U Mubeen….


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