Thaw in India -Pakistan relations and Kashmir imbroglio: The way forward

The webinar I attended which was very informative and everyone who wants to know the present situation and the way ahead and my take on it :

1) That the authorities represented by Masood khan sahib AJK president and Munir Akram sahib have been told that #RightOfSelfDetermination is the only way ahead which they themselves are convinced of also and Pakistan needs to up the ante in that respect in their any future talks with India as the basis of talks
2) Munir Akram sahib gave the Pakistani govt view of the latest events which he amounted to no thaw and continuation of stand of Pakistan took after 5th August 2019 .
3) The need of making our messaging internationally based on right of self determination from which should come out any future action and preferably make it a people’s movement internationally and for which all NRK have to work .

I hope you people have seen it in full and if not take time out as there is a need to build on it to make a comprehensive action by all.

My two bits in the webinar was based on the following note which I was able to communicate as much as I could in the time allotted :

“”””Thaw in India-Pak relations and Kashmir imbroglio: The way forward

The subject is in regard to unfreezing a complicated issue called kashmir .

Unfortunately we ourselves to a large extent are responsible to make it complicated in the first place by different messaging and actions not consistent with the basic path we needed to have taken .

I recall a interaction I had with the daughter of Robert F Kennedy ( as you know Robert was brother of JFKennedy and was unfortunately also assassinated ) regarding her visit to India and her reluctance to visit to Kashmir at the same time to see for herself the human right violations in Kashmir done by India . (She heads a NGO RFK which is one of the important body for human rights in America as well as internationally ) The point by which she got convinced to visit Kashmir was when we told her that her family is to a great extent responsible for our situation as her uncle JFK was the person responsible to convince Field Marshal Ayub Khan to have talks with India to avoid a two front War with India in 1962 .

These unending talks has been the bane as Pakistan went into talks which we have seen were ineffective and India as usual all their procrastination models to delay .

From my knowledge of such talks Pakistan never insisted on implementation of one and only thing which should have be the “Implementation of UN resolution of Right of Self Determination “ which was the opportune time to do it .

I think in history now is the time is to get it done and that is the only way ahead and this zoom meeting is timely to remind the world that on 21st April 1948 ( 78 years back ) this resolution remains unimplemented .

Any change in that gives more time to India to dodge and procrastinate on the settlement they had in the first place agreed in the highest international body of which it aspires to become a permanent member .

What needs to be done and what is the way forward to get world solidarity for this
• First of all is to correct the narrative completely with #RightOfSelfDeterminationForKashmiris as the dominant narrative in the human rights field also as refusal of that gives rise to the other human rights violations india inflicts on Kashmiris .
• The world needs to recognize that Genocide has occurred in Kashmir because of silence of the international community because of non implementation of Right of self determination.
• We need to point out that the world needs to settle kashmir through implementation of security council resolutions and kashmir does not fall into world power problems for example in the past where the erstwhile Soviet Union vetoed the UN Security Council Resolutions in 1957, 1962 and 1971, seeking UN interventions in Kashmir ,because of the Cold War and India was close to that country then and a strategic Partner . Now India is using its strategic requirement for some world powers against China to get away all the violations amounting to Genocide
• I had in my first presentation internationally after my release told the following which needs to get international traction on our narrative out of which I had suggested
a) NEED OF INTERNATIONAL ICONS IN ENTERTAINMENT / SPORTS FIELDS to tell our narrative . We can see what even a tweet from Rihanna has made a difference to the farmers protest being held in Delhi by Indian farmers internationally and people all over the world are recognizing that India is a fake democracy

b ) KASHMIRI BDS movement against India by picketing of the big corporations who have major investments in India . This is where the NRK can organize in Europe , UK and America who are important to put our message across

c) Approaching organisations like INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE AND INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT to act on the genocide conducted in kashmir

d) Importance of NRK and friends of kashmir from different countries primarily from Pakistan ,Turkey need to be tapped to put our message to Europe and America and in case of Muslim countries to build on the OIC resolutions on Kashmir . We not only need to focus on the decision makers but on people directly as basically all human beings are supportive of such movements which are based on truth and rights of people recognized in our case by the UNITED NATIONS.



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