My speech in Ziam university Istanbul on Pakistan resolution day :Title: ‘Pakistan Resolution Day: Why Kashmir Matters’AsalamAlikum .As a Kashmiri who is in exile to fight for the right of self determination for Kashmiris it is important to understand and tell why kashmir matters for Pakistan . & before I elaborate on this I would like to quote from :Article 257: Provision relating to the State of Jammu and Kashmir“”When the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir decide to accede to Pakistan, the relationship between Pakistan and the State shall be determined in accordance with the wishes of the people of that State.”””This promise was never kept by India who had promised the same in 1947 and the result is what we are facing for the last more than 70 years .This completely goes with the right of self determination which Kashmiris of all hues and thoughts concur with , so that Kashmir is settled as per aspirations of Kashmiris .NOW WHY KASHMIR MATTERS :• Pakistan feels a moral duty to support all local Muslims populations but the Kashmiri Muslims are seen as much more important due to their proximity to Pakistan territory and the deep ethical bonds of many Kashmiris living for hundreds of years inside the territory of the current state of Pakistan . • All the five rivers of the Punjab flow through kashmir & it is important for Pakistan not to delay the settlement of kashmir through every means in its power as it may be too late afterwards . By the changes done by india in august 5th 2019 where all facades of india were exposed and the changes they have started which among other things including the changes of population which our Palestinians brothers are facing of making us into a minority is the utilisation of water as a weapon by which Pakistan May loose the water coming to Pakistan through kashmir under the Indus water treaty . We may expect any time india to come out of these agreement as they are getting away of all international promises without they being made accountable . •While India will use it as a weapon we in kashmir consider it The occupation of our resources particularly our power generation from our water resources which is under their central govt companies ( NHPC Limited (erstwhile National Hydroelectric Power Corporation) . This company has an asset base of 97 billion dollars with a yearly income of 710 million dollars . One third of its generating capacity is in kashmir and has rightly got the name of “EAST INDIA COMPANY “ in local parlance . • Territorial closeness to China the greatest and closest ally by CPEC which provide China direct access as the route passes through the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan Kashmir to middle east via Gwadar and Karachi ports and can according to me the most important Initative between the two countries which could help in peaceful settlement of kashmir . • Geopolitics of the south asian region will never get stabilised without addressing restive Kashmir . Subcontinent can be effectively secured only when Kashmir is tranquil.That tranquility can be ensured not by coercion or at gunpoint but by acceding to legitimate rights and aspirations of the people inhabiting the region.It should not be seen through the prism of a land mass called Kashmir but the people should be at the centrestage.The region is spending precious and scarce resources on occupation of the land in utter disregard of the rights of people concerned.We are in the 21st century.Our preoccupation should be to rid the region of poverty,disease,squalor.This can be achieved by slashing wasteful expenditure on arms race.Why national egos should stand as a hurdle.Give Kashmir a chance to act as a bridge between warring parties.Given our civilisational legacy,we can bring the parties to an amicable settlement acceptable to all stakeholders.Power rivalries should yield place to cooperation for human development.Indispensable requirement for coperative development is to acknowledge the rights,dignity of all stakeholders.Why choke breathing space of Kashmiris. This is where CPEC is crucial as it is the way to make the whole region together and kashmir is the bridge . • There is a model of peaceful settlement through the above provided india understands that Kashmiris want their occupation finished and the majority of the people want either to merge with Pakistan or become fully independent based on the right of self determination . • Turkey my adopted country has supported Kashmir and I recall his statement of our President Erdogan in joint session of Pakistan Parliament in February 2020 : “”We have never forgotten and will never forget the help which the Pakistani people extended by sharing their own bread during our War of Independence. And now, Kashmir is and will be the same for us. It was Canakkale [Gallipoli] yesterday and it is Kashmir today, [there is] no difference,”Kashmir zindabad ,Pakistan zindabad , Turkiye Zindabad

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