Pakistan India talks

On the issue of 370 and 35A which is being pointed out by some to be reinstated before any talks between India and Pakistan can start

Being on the subject the issue is not 370 as it was a part of Indian constitution & is a part of the model of occupation of India and our resistance leadership much before 2019 opposed the abrogation of 370 because of 35A which will be determine the demographic situation in kashmir.

I have written previously and in my latest blog also .

One of my paragraphs in the various blogs could clear this

“The issuance of domicile certificate to outsiders including the West Pakistan Refugees in Jammu under the pretext of humanitarian action. Let me make it clear to one and all that these refugees were baggage of the partition of India and Kashmir is the unfinished agenda of that partition. Hence no body could be allowed to settle here till the agenda is finished . Therefore their rightful place is any part of India particularly Northern India particularly keeping in view Kashmir’s disputed position .No international humanitarian law can override the local laws meant to protect the survival, ethnic, identity and political rights of the people of the state which is disputed .This has now reached a crisis stage with the latest figure of Government of Jammu and Kashmir which has reported that up to January 25, 2021, a total of 33,80,234 domicile certificates have been issued in Jammu and Kashmir”which will have reached now 3.4 million . India is secretive of how many non -natives have been issued this out of the above as they have not made it mandatory to issue these on the basis of the previous state subjects . There are estimates that more than 2.0 million non natives have been issued and with time if not stopped Kashmiris would become a minority in their own country .”””

Terms of negotiations

“”Now yes there should be negotiations but the govt of Pakistan should insist on reintroduction of 35A in some other form as india has in some other states to safeguard locals of the state but the problem is what is the guarantee that they will not change by an act of parliament as was done on August 2019 . For that there should be international guarantee or else talks will be talks like I wrote on my blog :

“”I recall a interaction I had with the daughter of Robert F Kennedy ( as you know Robert was brother of JFKennedy and was unfortunately also assassinated ) regarding her visit to India and her reluctance to visit to Kashmir at the same time to see for herself the human right violations in Kashmir done by India . (She heads a NGO RFK which is one of the important body for human rights in America as well as internationally ) The point by which she got convinced to visit Kashmir was when we told her that her family is to a great extent responsible for our situation as her uncle JFK was the person responsible to convince Field Marshal Ayub Khan to have talks with India to avoid a two front War with India in 1962 .

These unending talks has been the bane as Pakistan went into talks which we have seen were ineffective and India as usual all their procrastination models to delay .

From my knowledge of such talks Pakistan never insisted on implementation of one and only thing which should have be the “Implementation of UN resolution of Right of Self Determination “ which was the opportune time to do it .””

“Any change in that gives more time to India to dodge and procrastinate on the settlement they had in the first place agreed in the highest international body of which it aspires to become a permanent member .””

So the talks should be based on:

1. Time bound negotiations guaranteed by a group of countries like USA , China and Russia ( or any two of them )

2. Reintroduction of 35A with international guarantees

3. Road map of implementation of #KashmirRight2SelfDetermination

4. Hurriyat as the representatives of Kashmiris to be represented in the talks .


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